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Fiesta Premium

Fiesta Premium helps you to get noticed and meet new people quickly. These extra features boost your options when chatting, finding new people, sharing photos and videos and having fun.

  1. What features do I have access to when using Fiesta Premium?

    Fiesta Premium includes a range of extra features that basic users don’t have, to give you an edge:

    Liked you: see who voted ‘Yes’ to you in Encounters

    Invisible Mode: browse Fiesta without anyone seeing you

    Undo last vote: be able to undo your 'No' votes in Encounters

    Added you as Favourite: see who likes you the most

    Chat to popular users: get direct access to the most popular people on Fiesta

    Be the first to contact new people: chat with people from the moment they join Fiesta

    Highlight your message: have your messages read first by all your contacts

    Stickers: get access to cool stickers

    As well as all of the great features above, you'll also be able to use Fiesta completely free of adverts!

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  2. How does a Fiesta Premium subscription work?

    The Fiesta Premium feature is subscription-based. You can buy Fiesta Premium for various periods of time using a range of popular payment methods. Your Fiesta Premium subscription renews automatically and payment methods vary by country.

    You can manage your subscription at any time on your Payment settings page.

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  3. How can I buy Fiesta Premium with a credit card or Paypal?

    Click "Activate" on your Profile page and follow the instructions. You can pay by credit card or Paypal and you'll receive an email confirmation once you've paid. Please note that the subscription renews automatically.

    To pay by credit card, choose which subscription you want to buy and follow the instructions. Click "Activate" and wait for the message confirming your payment. You'll also get an email confirmation once you've paid.

    To pay with PayPal, choose which subscription you want to buy and click "Activate". You'll then be redirected to the PayPal login page and payment summary to complete their payment process.

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  4. How can I buy Fiesta Premium on the Fiesta Mobile website?

    Go to your profile page and select Fiesta Premium, then follow the instructions on screen.

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  5. How to cancel your Fiesta Premium or Premium Plus subscription?

    Cancelling your Fiesta Premium or Premium Plus subscription is simple; follow the steps below according to the device you're using:

    Web and Mobile Web:

    You can cancel your Fiesta Premium subscription via the web by going to your 'Payment settings' in the Settings menu and clicking 'Unsubscribe'.


    To cancel your Fiesta Premium subscription made via iOS, go to the settings on your device, Tap Apple ID, then Subscriptions. You can then follow the steps to manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renew.

    If you purchased Fiesta Premium via Credit Card or PayPal, visit the website and close the subscription via your payment settings.


    To cancel a Fiesta Premium subscription bought via Google Play, launch the Google Play store on your phone, locate the Fiesta app, and then tap 'Unsubscribe'.

    If you subscribed via credit card or PayPal, go to your profile page to open Settings, tap on Account Preferences, select Payment settings and deactivate your subscription in the Fiesta Premium section.


    To cancel an SMS subscription, follow the instructions in your initial subscription confirmation SMS or any subscription renewal SMS.

    Once you’ve successfully followed these steps, your subscription will end on the last day of the payment period that you purchased.

    If you have any issues, feel free to contact our Support Team, who can assist with any questions.

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  6. I'm having trouble buying Fiesta Premium. What do I do?

    Please contact our Customer Care Team if you have any trouble buying Fiesta Premium. They'll be happy to help.

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  7. How can I undo my last vote?

    After voting No for someone in Encounters, just click on that person's photo in the top right corner of the screen (it will have a on it). Please note, that you cannot use undo twice in a row and you cannot use it for your Yes votes.

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