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About Fiesta

What is Fiesta? What do I do here? Where am I? We will tackle all these deep questions in this section.

  1. What's changed about the new Fiesta?

    The biggest change we’ve made is how we approach everything we do behind the scenes.

    Announcing the rebrand was just the beginning for us – we hope you already like the new logo and colours and ads we’ve launched, and soon we’ll be adding lots more!

    We’ll be taking our rebrand in several stages. First step, updating the way we look. Second step, adding new features. Third step... who knows?!

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  2. What is Fiesta?

    Fiesta is the place to date honestly.

    In a society that profits on our self-doubt, Fiesta is the online dating app where it pays to be the real, unapologetic you. We fight the ambiguity of modern dating with authentic, unfiltered conversation. We believe real connection is born from being honest in who you are and what you really want.

    We bring social networking to life by allowing you to chat and match with people with the same interests as you, find real connections close to you, and meet people who like you for you. You can also video chat whenever, wherever.

    We're so much more than just a dating app!

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  3. How does Fiesta work?

    Fiesta is designed to be as intuitive as possible, but don't worry, we know that you might need a little help when learning your way round!

    When you sign up for the first time please make sure that you add a good photo of yourself and write a little bit about you to show other users who you are.

    As soon as you have created your profile you can check out Encounters , which is at the very heart of Fiesta. Simply vote Yes and No for other members and should both of you like each other you will have a match and you can start chatting ! Make sure that you have the correct settings for your 'I'm here to'.

    People Nearby is the section where you can browse users in your city or region.

    Fiesta is free to use but if you want to stand out from the crowd go and check out our premium services such as credits and Fiesta Premium.

    Enjoy using Fiesta!

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  4. Are there any rules?

    Only a few. First of all, play nice. We want you to feel comfortable and express yourself, but if other users complain that you’re rude, pushy or threatening, we’ll take it very seriously. 

    Also, any content you upload to your Fiesta profile must comply with our terms and conditions and not break copyright rules. If you upload pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material, we’ll delete it and we may ban you from Fiesta. 

    Find out more in our Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy.

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  5. How much does it cost?

    Fiesta is completely free to join! This lets you create a profile, upload photos and videos of you, look for new people in your area and chat with new people every day. 

    Serious about dating honestly? Fiesta Premium is for you. You'll access plenty of new and exciting features that help you get the most out of our app.

    Just tap on the features that interest you: Rise Up , Spotlight or Fiesta Premium to see the terms and costs.

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